Child Neglect Training

Location:Brighton & Hove
Type:Multi Agency Training
Duration:All day event

Why is the LSCB providing this course?

This course is clearly an important aspect of the local LCSB training programme it is built into our provision in line with our LSCB priorities around the very serious issue of Neglect. It is a valuable addition to our portfolio and provides those attending with an over arching understanding of the issues surrounding neglect, how it can impact on the children and young people to whom it relates and how early interventions and agency procedures can be used to reduce the risk and thus safeguard from neglectful situations.

Target Audience:

Members of staff, who work predominantly with children, young people and their families, parents or carers, and who could potentially contribute to the assessment, intervention and reviewing the safeguarding needs for a child or young person, where there are safeguarding concerns, and or potential risks.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Explore and broaden participants’ understanding of child neglect
  • Introduce participants to the benefits of taking a systems approach to improving professional practice
  • Provide an opportunity to explore local multi-agency responses to child neglect through scenarios and discussion
  • Help practitioners identify individual learning about child neglect and multi-agency working
  • What aspects of the system help and hinder good practice.



To book a place on our safeguarding training use the Brighton & Hove Learning Gateway 

For support or enquiries about using the gateway please call 01273 291460 or email

Training is free for Children’s Services staff, school staff, foster carers, CVS groups, BHCC contracted organisations in Children’s Services, statutory health organisations, police and probation and all early years (including private early years) who are working in Brighton & Hove. Private organisations and those working outside the city – £120