Enabling & Supporting Compliance: Working with Disguised Compliance and Forceful Counter Argument in Safeguarding

Location:Brighton & Hove
Type:Multi Agency Training

Why is the LSBC providing this course?

Disguised compliance involves parents giving the appearance of co-operating with child welfare agencies to avoid raising suspicions and allay concerns. Published case reviews highlight that professionals sometimes delay or avoid interventions due to parental disguised compliance. It is hard for professionals to work with families where there may be lack of cooperation and/or a hostile attitude. When there are child welfare/protection issues, a failure to engage with the family may have serious implications and non-intervention is not an option. This course has been produced to support professionals working with these problematic dynamics. Read some thoughts on disguised compliance from our trainer

Target Audience:

Members of staff, who work predominantly with children, young people and their families, parents or carers, and who could potentially contribute to the assessment, intervention and reviewing the safeguarding needs for a child or young person, where there are safeguarding concerns, and or potential risks.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand Disguised Compliance in a way that will be helpful in practice
  • Be able to identify forceful counter arguments as a form of disguised compliance
  • Be able to consider the impact of themselves and other practitioners of working with parents who present themselves in a forceful articulate manner
  • Appreciate the importance of listening to parents whilst maintaining independent, child-centred assessments
  • Identify the possible motivations behind parents who disguise their level of commitment to the process of working together
  • Be able to consider ways of forming better partnerships with such parents
  • Understand the key messages from practice in working with parents who present in this way



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Training is free for Children’s Services staff, school staff, foster carers, CVS groups, BHCC contracted organisations in Children’s Services, statutory health organisations, police and probation and all early years (including private early years) who are working in Brighton & Hove. Private organisations and those working outside the city – £120