LSCB – County Lines, Gangs and Young People (VVE)

Location:Brighton & Hove
Type:Multi-agency training
Duration:Full Day

Why is the LSCB providing this course?

Violent – Vulnerable – Exploitation

County lines, or ‘going country’ refers to when groups or gangs exploit young people or vulnerable adults to carry and sell drugs across county boundaries. The nature of gangs is evolving over time, but typically means a group based on factors such as drug distribution, a criminal ‘business’, violence or territory. It is only one part of criminal exploitation, and should be considered alongside those other elements such as radicalisation and sexual exploitation.

Target Audience:

Members of staff, who work predominantly with children, young people and their families, parents or carers, and who could potentially contribute to the assessment, intervention and reviewing the safeguarding needs for a child or young person, where there are safeguarding concerns, and or potential risks of exploitation.

Learning outcomes:

Identify the evolution of county lines, youth violence and gangs.

Recognise indicators and reasons young people get involved with county lines or gangs.

Talk about the role of young women including grooming, initiation and sexual exploitation.

Recognise early intervention opportunities.

Examine key aspects of gangs such as structure, and the impact of media.

Identify available support and resources for young people in your area


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Training is free for Children’s Services staff, school staff, foster carers, CVS groups, BHCC contracted organisations in Children’s Services, statutory health organisations, police and probation and all early years (including private early years) who are working in Brighton & Hove. Private organisations and those working outside the city – £120