Safeguarding in a Digital Age – A Practical Guide to Keeping Children Safe Online

Location:Brighton & Hove
Type:Half day
Duration:09.30 - 13.30
This half day course will equip you with information and practical safeguarding guidance to help safeguard children and young people in the digital age. It will help you understand how they communicate on the internet and through apps, how offenders may exploit this and other risks, and what steps parents/carers can take to prevent online abuse and exploitation. Participants will also learn different sources of support from which they/children can seek information and advice. This course is run is association with Safety Net.


Target audience

Anyone who works with children, young people, or families in Brighton & Hove, especially those who may supervise them whilst they using the internet. This training is highly recommended for those working in children’s residential homes.

Learning Outcomes
  • consider the different ways that children & young people interact online, and appreciate the positive aspects of this digital communication as well as being aware of the risks
  • understand how offenders may use the internet to target and exploit children & young people
  • discuss the potential connection between ease of access to inappropriate material online and violent crime, including a rise in the number of young people committting serious sexual offences. Consider how we can challenge the normalisation of this behaviour online.
  • learn practical steps to protect children on the internet
  • explain security steps that can be used and their benefits and limitations, including parental settings, firewalls and privacy settings
  • identify other organisations to support children/parents around internet use
  • recognise how we can work together to support children & young people to have a positive online presence, build their resiliance to face the differenc challenges in a digital age, and stay safe both online and off.


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